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HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Book - Close Sales. Deliver Profit.

Flat Rate pricing is a powerful sales tool designed to take you from the tedious world of time and materials to the profitable practice of using fixed fees.  We have HVAC and Plumbing Solutions available.

Flat Rate was long ago established as the best pricing structure for our industry. Let Excellence Alliance show you why our ProSERV product is the most innovative, easy-to-use and revenue focused system to date.

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Mobile and iPad Ready:
Our Flat Rate gives your business the field performance needed in today’s market. It is the most powerful and capable mobile Flat Rate in our industry. ProSERV is an automated solution that minimizes errors, capitalizes on efficiency and is fully customized to your business.

Superior communication between tech and customer:
We have developed a better flat rate experience. The elegant display and ease of use in the program allows for superior communication between the technician and the customer. Easily pull up equipment pictures and most common service needs for each equipment category.

Involve and educate customer during sales process:
Boost sales performance by involving and educating the customer throughout the sales process. Effortlessly manage and communicate the customer’s HVAC needs. Easily navigate and present right from iPad.

Flexible and customizable options for you to choose:
Intuitive and advanced design allows flexibility and ease of use that other flat rate systems can’t match. Have up to 5 pricing columns including, but not limited to:

  • Standard
  • Service Plan
  • After Hours
  • After Hours with Service Plan
  • Add on Repair

Invoice and payment ready options:
Engineered to be more than just a price book, it’s a sales tool designed to lead the customer to purchase. With ProSERV you have full control over your pricing.

Advanced Database:
Our advanced database is the perfect blend between the essential things you need on every call and the unique tasks a service technician needs to be prepared for.

Show accepted and declined repairs:
Allow your tech to circle back around to declined repairs, forcing the customer to evaluate the declined recommendations a second time.

Add new service agreement customers on the fly:
Enable the customer to evaluate the benefits of a service agreement program. Build your future revenue by easily selling service agreements. Maintenance agreements are easier to sell because you are also showing the customer the discount they could get if they participate. This turns your service people into sales people.

Build a better business.  Do you ever find yourself asking:

  • How do I maximize profitability?
  • How do I engage the homeowner?
  • How do I eliminate pricing disputes?
  • How do I standardize the sales process for my techs?

The Excellence Alliance Flat Rate pricing strategy answers all of those questions.

The program is customized to your marketplace, personalized with your logo and sales information and they are iPad™ compatible.  They have easy to read, full color diagrams as well.  Contractors tell us the diagrams often help close sales since customers can see the value of the service they are buying.  Are you using Service Management software?  Our Flat Rate interfaces with most service management programs.

Capitalize on efficiency.

Flat Rate promotes a culture of contractor efficiency.  The best techs flourish under this model because billable hours no longer matter.  Your company is rewarded from fast, efficient work.

Have you noticed that you lose money on your best techs?

Your fastest HVAC techs bill out the least and enjoy the highest hourly rates. You hire them, train them, supply them with tools and equipment.  They get good and they get fast. The better they get, the more you pay them. The faster they get, the fewer hours they bill on each call.

Why you should be using HVAC flat rate pricing?

  • Earn more per job – the same rate for great/fast as new/slower techs
  • No itemizing of the HVAC invoice which invites dispute
  • No sticker shock for customers; they know price before work starts
  • Customers appreciate knowing they’re paying the same price as everyone else
  • Faster collections because prices and payment are agreed upon in advance
  • Technicians like standardized flat rate pricing which is easier to explain to customers

Why choose EAI’s HVAC or plumbing Flat Rate Pricing System?

  • Customize with your own HVAC flat rate pricing information
  • Customized your own style for your HVAC flat rate pricing program
  • Personalize with your own logo and HVAC sales information
  • Our HVAC flat rate price includes setup, support and more
  • Fast turnaround

Customized HVAC flat rate pricing for your company.

  • Your HVAC labor rate
  • Customized HVAC repair tasks
  • Default or tiered markup tables
  • Quick seasonal adjustments

All inclusive price for EAI HVAC flat rate pricing software system:

  • Software for your use
  • Includes assistance with setup and customization
  • Ongoing support
  • Interfaces with Service Management software
  • HVAC Flat Rate Pricing lets you focus on the job instead of the accounting.