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Commercial HVAC Service Sales Cycle – Questioning, Listening, Qualifying

June 17, 2015 No Comments Justin Baker Blog

Questioning, Listening and Qualifying

Once a plan of action, letter of intent or approach has been agreed upon, work through a process of questioning, listening and qualifying the different levels of decision making.  Survey, gather data, receive financial information and investigate the necessary items as to why the prospect will do business with you.

Analyze their ops cost → Gather objectives & needs → Question, listen, qualify

Selling is listening to the buyer.  The buyer will tell you what, when and how they are willing to buy.  Use the following process steps:

  • Leading and open ended questions
  • Express true interest
  • Uncover issues
  • Don’t interrupt
  • Take notes
  • Eye contact and body language

Think about the following questions when qualifying leads:

  • Who makes the decisions?
  • Who are the primary users of my service?
  • What financial concerns exist?  Can they afford to pay?
  • What are the actual and perceived needs and objectives of this client?
  • What is the decision making process?  A board, a group?
  • Is there a time frame that fits my offerings and when they would buy?
  • Is there real interest and compatibility with my services?
  • Have they agreed to a plan of action or given commitment to the process?
  • Have I received all the financial information to help me build an analysis?
  • Have I had access to the building, personnel and taken photos to complete the survey?