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HVAC Sales Presentation Software - Develop New Business

Pro Comfort Advisor is an HVAC sales presentation software tool that could mean the difference between selling a major piece of equipment and being shown the door.  Pro Comfort Advisor is the HVAC industry’s most powerful equipment sales system.  It is the future of in home HVAC sales presentations:  Fast, accurate and professional.



Equipment sales re-envisioned.

As a comfort advisor, you are responsible for driving sales to your business and delivering comfort to your customer.  Therefor, the abilities to ask the homeowner the proper questions, listen closely to their answers and make an appropriate recommendation are crucial to your success.  The HVAC sales presentation software program you use should be just as capable.  This is why Pro Comfort Advisor works with any brand of equipment and can handle as many brands as you want.  It’s everything you need in an HVAC sales presentation software system.



Easy, professional presentation.

Effortlessly integrate Pro Comfort Advisor’s equipment recommendations to your sales pitch.  You can offer your customers four options in a Base / Good / Better / Best format.  Stay in front of and build rapport with buyers.  Pro Comfort Advisor can seamlessly build professional proposals based directly upon what the customer ranks as important; such as IAQ, price, efficiency, etc..  For the budget conscious consumer, you can even display monthly payments to help them choose a system within their range.



Fully equipped to optimize profit.

Pro Comfort Advisor covers all your bases.  Build your costs, commissions, warranties and promotions into the price.  Adjust your gross margins to meet your desired profit.  You can offer enhancements such as filtration and dehumidification to address all of the customer’s comfort concerns.  Custom installation work can be priced-in, including subcontracting work.



Never out of date.

Since new equipment and pricing updates can be imported directly into the program,  your Pro Comfort Advisor data is always current.




  • Works with iPad, Windows laptop or tablet.
  • Does not require internet connectivity within the home.
  • Most powerful & flexible HVAC sales presentation software.