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amanaAmana is an American institution due to reliable and long lasting product performance.  Well known for home appliances, they bring the same commitment to quality and innovation to heating and air conditioning equipment.  Take a look at what Amana products can do for you.

Energy Efficiency Is A Core Competency

Assembled in America, their heating and air conditioning brand products are some of the most energy efficient in the market.

Frequently Cited As A Customer Favorite

Are you unsure about branching into Amana?  Their products are in millions of homeowner applications throughout the United States and Canada.  Check out what homeowners like your customers have to say:

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The Brand Advantage

If you want to become an Amana dealer and experience American innovation first hand, here is what you can look forward to:

  • Outstanding products
    • Company dedicated to HVAC
    • Respected products & intellectual property
    • U.S. based testing, assembly and logistics operations
  • Consumer trust
    • Well known consumer brand
    • Standard warranties
    • Manufacturer backed extended service plans
  • Great supplier
    • Robust accrual and support programs
    • Consumer financing support

Why Homeowners Choose Amana?

  • A homegrown brand
  • High efficiency air conditioning
  • Well liked heat pumps for customers who want comfort from a single system
  • Multi-speed and variable speed gas furnaces
  • ComfortNet control systems with full color screens
  • Competitive warranties

Excellence Alliance and Amana

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