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goodmanGoodman is focused on the design, engineering and manufacture of dependable products, in fact, they help millions of homeowners achieve reliable, high quality and affordable indoor comfort.

Grow Your Business With PartnerLink

The new partner website delivers personalized business building tools, industry insights and product news specific to your business.  Here you can find immediate product information regarding product recalls, paperless applications through the Installment Finance Program and also a place to submit your ideas.  Even get technical help as well.

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Available Anywhere

Goodman’s products predominantly sell through company operated and independent distribution networks, with more than 1000 total distribution points throughout North America.  You can find all distributor locations in the PartnerLink site mentioned above.

Supporting The American Worker

Goodman brand heating and cooling systems are designed to provide affordable and energy efficient indoor comfort solutions using advanced technology.  But the company ultimately adheres to some old-fashioned values too, and they believe in the integrity of the American worker.  Therefore, Goodman designs, engineers and assembles their name-brand heating and cooling systems in the United States.

Goodman Delivers With Extended Service Plans

This is an outstanding way to give your customer piece of mind with their HVAC purchase.  Although not available in all states, many homeowners take the opportunity to buy an affordable, but thorough parts and/or labor extended service plan for their system.  This is a great way to separate yourself from the competition when in a multiple bid situation against another equipment brand.

Excellence Alliance and Goodman

The Goodman/EAI relationship has been a strong one for many years.  With your help we are poised to make it even stronger in the years to come.  This is your opportunity to address any questions, comments or concerns you may have and learn more about how this strategic alliance and membership with Excellence Alliance can help you.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly.  Make sure to click submit at the bottom.

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