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Estimating 4 Profit (E4P)

E4P is a cloud based program designed to enhance productivity and profitability in the commercial marketplace.  It will automate and refine your commercial HVAC estimating and proposal processes.

As a cloud product, all you need to access E4P is an internet connection.  It can be in the office, at the job site, at home or on the road.  Since E4P is in the Cloud you never have to worry about lost, stolen or broken computers affecting your saved work.

E4P runs on secure, backed up, off-site servers.  These servers provide top of the line security that individual computers and networks can’t match.  The servers are backed up nightly and have 99.9% up time.

With E4P there are no installation, mainframe or network based issues.  E4P is fully functional right away and will always work no matter your operating system, computer brand or preferred browser.  It is as simple as navigating your favorite website.

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Sales Lead Tracking

Sales Lead Tracking from Excellence Alliance delivers accurate sales information at your fingertips.  With Sales Lead Tracking you can answer:

  • What is the source of my leads?
  • What sources convert leads to sales most frequently?
  • What is the sales conversion ratio of my staff?

Combine the answers to those questions with the ability to track marketing efforts and you have a program that manages your sales process making it easier to improve your close rate and acquire new customers.

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Service Management & Dispatch

Excellence Alliance can provide your complete service management solution.  Service Management software allows for more efficient operations.  With accounting software integration and the ability to reduce operating time and costs, Service Management & Dispatch software lets you take control of your operations giving you an advantage over the competition.

  • Track service calls and equipment in real time
  • Advanced inventory and service history
  • Mapping, routing, GPS tracking and payment processing for the tech

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Business Solutions

The Excellence Alliance Business Solutions are designed to help your business grow.  Combing your industry know-how with our business solutions can lead to a better bottom line.

We specialize in providing you with the tools to bring your success to another level.

  • HVAC Forms Library
  • Training
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Background Checks
  • Personality Profiles/Job Matching
  • Email Marketing Campaign Management

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