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Commercial HVAC Sales System - Excellence Alliance

The Ultimate Commercial HVAC Service Sales Tool

Excellence Alliance has developed the ideal method for commercial HVAC businesses to generate more sales via preventative/planned maintenance proposals.  Estimating 4 Profit, or E4P for short, is an incredibly powerful sales system that will instantly transform your commercial service group into a more productive operation.  By focusing on commercial service estimating solutions through Excellence Alliance, you give your business exposure in an area with tremendous profit capability.

E4P – Your Estimator’s Productivity Solution

E4P is an easy to use platform that acts as a central hub for your commercial estimating efforts.  It’s a fast, secure and reliable way to facilitate communication and team collaboration.

  • Keep Everyone Aligned
    • Manage and promote the collective effort to stay on top of your work
  • Coordinate Your Company’s Image, Message and Branding
    • Estimate templates are consistent across all software users
  • Incorporate Effective Work From Home Solutions
    • As a cloud based program there is no need to be in an office – you can create a proposal from anywhere
  • Enable Managers to Effectively Evaluate Their Staff
    • Easy tracking of all proposals and proposal status
  • Eliminate The Risk of Pricing Errors
    • Peace of mind that your services are appropriately priced by your entire staff
  • Promote New Business
    • E4P provides speed to market with all proposals
  • Easily Integrate Your Customer’s Requests
    • Schedule service agreements throughout the year. Assign inspections to a specific month.

Develop Your Team’s Success

Most commercial customers value the long term reliability of their HVAC system above all else.  E4P brings value to the customer by ensuring proper maintenance of their equipment.  Maintenance is provided by you, the contractor, over a planned period of time.  The pre established period of time ensures repeat revenue from your customer.

With everything in one place, E4P can help unleash your company’s true commercial service sales potential.

Estimating 4 Profit – Features and Benefits


  • The program is backed up with secure, offsite servers. They give you security and defense that an individual computer simply can’t match.


  • Being in the Cloud means all you need to access the program is an internet connection. Whether it be in the office, at the jobsite, at home or on the road, you have access. And even if your computer is lost or stolen, you still have access to your records.

Custom Database

  • E4P’s large, dynamic database ensures that site survey data will accurately apply to the estimate.

Belts and Filters Database

  • Add belts and filters with a click, no typing necessary.  Labor and materials cost are added automatically for each.

Data Collection Function

  • E4P translates raw information into the formulas on which the proposal is based.

Generate professional HVAC service agreements and proposals

  • Turn your estimate into a professional proposal in just a few minutes.  E4P templates (word format) pull in customer and agreement information to quickly create HVAC Estimate, Proposal or Service Agreement.  Best practices, industry communication and liability requirements are all incorporated into E4P.

Professional Proposal

  • E4P generates professional packets for presentation to the customer.

Agreement Types

  • E4P builds proposals for full coverage, maintenance only, and repair only agreement types.

Tiered User Levels

  • E4P allows for designation between management and estimators.

Detailed Reporting

  • E4P generates detailed reports for both internal and external purposes.

Image Uploading

  • E4P allows an estimator to maintain detailed visual records of a job.

Commercial Tasking Equipment Sheets

  • These offer step by step guidelines to the work that needs to be accomplished on a given job.

Commercial HVAC Contractors: Estimating, Maintenance, Service, & Proposal Generation Program

  • Integrate estimates, budgets and pricing agreements into a professional commercial HVAC proposal document.
  • Estimating 4 Profit provides input screens for each task, helping you deliver a professional HVAC service agreement in minutes.

Manage HVAC commercial customer, facility and equipment data

  • Site Survey Data Forms guide contractor to collect critical data for estimating profitable commercial HVAC service agreements.

Estimating & pricing per authorized rates & markups for commercial HVAC jobs

  • Input data rapidly with E4P.  Final price, stepwise calculations, and look-up tables are included.  A built in calculator lets you add to estimates for special services.  E4P commercial service estimator fits any HVAC estimating process for either cost plus or gross profit margin pricing.

Reports included in professional HVAC estimating package

  • Impress commercial customers with customized reports and for all proposals, estimating tasks, and service agreements can be quickly printed and provided to your customer such as Equipment Lists and Maintenance Tasking Procedures.

Site surveys, HVAC service estimating, and proposal writing can account for 30% of an HVAC service salesperson’s time. E4P saves 90% of estimating and proposal writing time, freeing up staff to be in front of customers and develop new business.  Use E4P, our HVAC commercial estimating program to make your business more efficient.