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Commercial HVAC Service Sales Cycle – Setting the Appointment

June 3, 2015 No Comments Justin Baker Blog

Setting the Appointment

This is the critical first step after planning and preparation.  We use a phone script, lead generation activities, understand the difference between suspects and prospects, and get the face to face meeting.

Prepare the phone or email script → Make the call → Set the appointment

Writing The Script

  • Define your benefits
  • Use features and benefits to address objections – make it personal
  • Show how you will:
    • Add dollars to the bottom line
    • Improve overall comfort
    • Increase equipment efficiency
    • Extend equipment life
    • Be proactive in your service

The Objective Is To Get The Appointment

  • Your script should:
    • Be simple in content
    • Cover who you are
    • What company you represent
    • Why you are calling – visit, interest, help & benefits
    • Ask for the appointment – 30 minutes of time
    • Set time, date, confirmation, thank you

Get To The Decision Maker

  • Owners, President, CEO, CFO, COO, Building Operations Supervisors
    • Be sure to understand the purchasing schedule and all names who will be involved in the buying process

Sample Phone Script

Hello, my name is _______.  I work with_______, have you heard of us?  We are an HVAC and mechanical services contractor.  We offer many programs and services for building and business owners related to HVAC and environmental control.  I’m calling today to let you know about how we’ve helped others in your area to add dollars to their bottom line, make building HVAC systems easier to maintain, improve comfort, increase equipment efficiency and extend the life of HVAC systems, take the worry out of maintaining that portion of your building and saving operating costs, including utilities.  I’d like to meet with you for about a half hour to discuss our services, your business and a possible fit…Monday or Tuesday, morning or afternoon?