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Developing a Business Identity

August 1, 2014 No Comments Justin Baker Blog

A strong business identity can influence the buying decision for a prospect – even before they contact you.

Your business identity is your brand.  It identifies for a prospect who you are and what you do.  To lead that prospect into becoming a customer, you need a strong business identity.  Think about each of the following points and how you would react to your company if you were a prospect:

  • What does our logo establish about our company?
    • If your logo isn’t visually appealing to the masses, than you need a new logo.  Ask around for opinions on your logo.  Talk to a graphic designer for a professional’s industry opinion.  Since your logo will be featured on nearly everything related to your company, it is imperative that you use proper colors, scale, font and design standards.
  • Is my website easy to navigate?
    • Your website should be easy to navigate and easy to find contact info.  Try taking a “less is more” approach to the design template.  If you want to be easily found on Google, don’t forget that Content Is King.  You are an expert in HVAC, sharing the knowledge you have on pertinent HVAC subjects can only help your Google ranking.
  • What does our advertising say about our business?
    • So many of our colleagues lose track of how they portray themselves in their advertising.  Do you want to be seen as the market leader or as a laughingstock from a silly commercial?  Ask someone from outside HVAC for their brutally honest opinion of your advertising.  Create a focus group for constructive criticism.

Your brand development won’t happen overnight, but if done correctly over time, it can be a huge asset to delivering more sales.