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Flat Rate Webinar - September 12, 2017 - Excellence Alliance


10 Reasons You Should Attend The Flat Rate Webinar>>

More and more companies are finding Excellence Alliance (EAI) improved profitability for their sales and service teams. EAI is hosting a 1 hour webinar, the purpose of which is to discuss how we can improve your service business through the use of flat rate.

With flat rate you can manage your techs more effectively, achieve higher profits and quickly resolve pricing disputes.

Join us on Tuesday, September 12th at 2pm eastern for a detailed look at how you can make your business more profitable with EAI’s service software.

Our programs have helped hundreds of companies. Our goal is to do the same for you.

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This webinar has concluded, please contact Excellence Alliance for a private showing.

If we told you EAI could show you a way to improve your profitability while making your service techs more efficient, wouldn’t that be worth an hour of your time?

After you register, we’ll follow up with an email that confirms your registration and lists some information you might want to think about before the webinar.

Our custom Flat Rate gives your business the service performance needed in today’s market.  It is the most powerful and capable mobile Flat Rate in our industry.  Let us show you why!

Key features:

  • Mobile and iPad ready
  • Superior communication between tech and customer
  • Involve and educate the customer
  • Flexible and customizable options for the customer to choose
  • Invoice and payment ready options
  • Advanced database
  • Show accepted and declined repairs
  • Add new service agreement customers on the fly

Still need convincing?

10 Reasons You Should Attend The Flat Rate Webinar

  1. We have the ability to deliver a fully customized flat rate solution, meaning your costs, margins and branding are built in.
  2. Our mobile solution can be used in “offline mode” the benefit being your techs do not need an internet connection to use our flat rate in the field.
  3. Flat Rate from EAI is hosted offsite and professionally backed up by multiple back up services meaning your data is completely secured from the issues small to medium sized businesses face.
  4. EAI not only shows you how to use Flat Rate, we also teach you how to sell with it, meaning your techs will improve their sales performance.
  5. Flat Rate from EAI is a mobile solution that lets you quickly respond to customer needs, the benefit to you is your company can present service solutions in the time frame and manner the modern customer expects.
  6. EAI has been in business since 1997, which means you have selected a provider with a strong reputation and stable future.
  7. EAI is one of the largest contractor organizations in the HVAC industry, which means we pass our knowledge and savings onto you.
  8. We operate with a team approach, the benefit to you being there are three people on your account at all times.
  9. EAI consistently reinvests company dollars into our software tools, making sure they are the industry standard.
  10. We’ll work at your pace to determine the solutions you need and develop the best strategy ongoing, which will maximize the value of your time and money.