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September 18, 2014 No Comments Justin Baker Blog

I was reading HVACR/Hydronics Distribution Business magazine earlier this week when I came across an outstanding article called “The Principles of Success.”  If you haven’t read the article, I strongly suggest that you do.  It’s a nice look at a successful distributor.

I was struck by the company’s Principles of Performance.  It’s a motivational tool too good not to share.  It also fits in with our Build a Sales Culture blog post.  While reading it, I couldn’t help but think how I could apply these principles to myself and my job and I wanted to share it with my readers.

It is the mission of Young Supply Company to become our customers’ supplier of choice, our vendors’ distributor of choice, and our employees’ employer of choice. We will provide a level of service exceeding the expectations of our customers and the companies we represent. Each day, we will make every effort to add value and fulfill the needs of our customers, vendors, and employees.

To deliver on this mission I need to commit to the following principles for the good of the company and myself…

1. I am responsible for knowing our systems and procedures, understanding that this knowledge makes my job easier while giving the customer better service. I will strive to make Young Supply an easy company to do business with which will result in loyalty from vendors and customers.

2. I need to learn about the products and services we offer regardless of my department or job responsibility. The more that I know about what we sell, the better prepared I will be to serve our customers, my fellow employees, and myself. I will use my personal copy of the Young Supply catalog to increase my knowledge of our product lines.

3. I have to value both the customer and the vendor, understanding that they are the key to our overall growth. I need to understand that a negative action on my part can change the view of that person on the entire company. I will show gratitude and hospitality by offering refreshments, or assisting them in any way I can.

4. I should always approach all of my responsibilities with a sense of urgency. No matter what I am doing, or who I am helping, I will make that issue important. I understand that orders and transfers should be filled on the same day that they are received. I also am aware that quotations, questions, and inquires should be taken just as seriously because these also give impressions of Young Supply.

5. I understand the importance of coming to work each day with a good attitude. I need to be aware that every employee’s attitude reflects on the organization as a whole, and negativity drags us all down. I am an important member of our team, and if I cannot make a positive contribution to our environment I will consider other employment options.

How good is that?


Source:  Maynard, Michael. “The Principles of Success.” HVACR/Hydronics Distribution Business (August 2014): 8-11. Print.