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Saying No To a Prospect

July 23, 2014 No Comments Justin Baker Blog

Sometimes in business who you say no to is just as important as who you say yes to.  So many of our colleagues in HVAC follow the fast food mindset of volume, volume and more volume – no matter what – not taking profitability or the big picture in to account.

Think about a job from your past that didn’t prove to be as profitable as you hoped it would be.   What went wrong there?  Why wasn’t it profitable?  What are you doing today to make sure that doesn’t happen again?  Is there a problem customer you should have avoided, but didn’t?  What effect did that have on your business?

Being more selective with whom you do business can deliver a better client-base.  Of course you are aren’t going to want to make “no” an everyday part of your sales vocabulary, but it can be a great asset for the well-being of your company.